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Taj Real Estate Investment Company was established in 2006, and it is one of the Egyptian companies operating in the real estate development sector.
Which has become, during seventeen years, one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, especially in New Cairo, with a clear vision in the field of real estate development.
Where the company adopts future visions aimed at consolidating the meaning of real estate development in the concept of modernity by creating smart designs with professional thought and insightful visions that contributed to the creation of modern concepts in the Egyptian real estate market.
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A combination of architecture and design beauty

Taj Real Estate Investment is the owner and executor of all its projects, and its projects were embodied on the ground as architectural paintings that mixed between architectural art and the beauty of design. We also took imagination and creativity as a unique pattern to build our present and future. On schedule, we gained their trust.
We are keen to carry out our work in smart and innovative ways, and we aspire for more uniqueness, success and permanent creativity in the world of real estate development wherever we are, to keep pace with those visions and aspirations that lead the future of our country.

Our vision - our mission - our values



  • Our vision

       Executing projects of distinguished quality and standard specifications to provide the highest return on investment for our clients in any project called Taj.
  • Our mission

      In Taj, we seek to make our residential or commercial projects the first choice for clients looking for housing or commercial investment at the best competitive value in New Cairo during the next three years.
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Credibility We believe that honesty in dealing is the basis of success, that commitment to transparency generates trust, and that honesty, integrity and justice are the basis for the reputation of Taj.
Flexibility We are keen to provide our customers with various opportunities and options, whether for housing or commercial investment, and to obtain the best payment methods that suit their needs and are consistent with the lifestyle of each of them.
Excellence We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do in order to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.
Development We take care of the smallest details and we look forward to constantly developing our capabilities to deliver our projects ahead of schedule with the agreed specifications.

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